Photographic Services

Ruby Red Photography covers a broad range of photographic services for businesses, groups, organisations, artists, bands and individuals. Ruby can provide beautiful images for commercial use, fashion portfolios, band shoots, portraits, product and stock images for web and marketing images. She also does personal photography for special events.

Get Ruby Red to photograph your experience

She would love to help you create beautiful images, capture moments, document your event or expose you to beautiful images of hidden places and upside down perspectives. Shoot her an email and see what magic she can create with you.


Artist and Gallery Documentation

Ruby Red has documented an extensive number of exhibition openings as well as documented artwork for artists over the years.

o Raygun Gallery
o No Comply Gallery
o Mars Gallery at The Grid
o Mars Battles
o The Grid
o Damien Kamholtz
o Tarn McClean
o David Usher
o Dan Elbourne
o Jesse Paul Wright
o Ian McCallum
o Ewan McGregor

Movement and Dance

o Katy Woods & Jake Stewart
o It was in a dream


Ruby has covered both small and large events.

o Bunker Records live Instore
o First Coat Festival official photographer
o Kontraband Studios events
o Urbanation events
o The Grid Dance
o The Choral Society
o Olive Branch Restaurant Melbourne Cup event
o The Fashion Markets

Musician and Band Photography

Ruby has covered both live gigs and band portfolio shots

o Heath Cullen
o The Slow Push
o Inigo
o No Pain No Gain

Commercial and Promotional Photography

Ruby Red has provided services for product shoots and social media photos for shopfronts

o Alice In Arcade Land Retro Vintage Fashion Shoot
o Market to Market
o Kontraband Studios
o Olive Branch


o Column Photographer "Toowoomba Life" for "Fi Fi's Toowoomba Adventures"
o Column Photographer "Toowoomba Life" for "Bunker Records Music Review"
o High Life Magazine Contributor


More intimate shoots include wedding, model portfolio and people and their pets.
o Weddings
o Model Portfolios
o People and their pets

Ruby Red Artist

What Ruby Sees

Ruby’s photography reflects the way she see the everyday world she lives in. While most wanderers are looking down at their feet, her eyes seek out the hidden, not so blatant and tiny specks holding a whole other world. Everything is a chance to capture a one off moment or undiscovered perspective. Her long standing romance with the beauty found in deterioration, detail and the triumph of nature over the man-made resonates in her works.


Ruby Red has been capturing moments, people, art, music, architecture and all other beauties in life from an early age. She has curated a small number of exhibitions and exhibited both installations and sculptural works as well as photography. “Other Sight” was her first collaborative exhibition with another Toowoomba photographer which shares her desire for seeing the beauty in the abandoned. Ruby Red has been documenting local artists, gallery and event openings as well as exhibiting locally since 2010. Such galleries include “Raygun”, ‘Mars”, “made” and "Downlands" amongst others.