Events & Promotions

Events and Promotions

Ruby Red has an extensive list of experience with creating, organising and promoting events. Over the years she has worked with bands, event organisers, artists and theatre producers to promote the arts culture both in Brisbane and Toowoomba.

Ruby Red offers individuals, groups and businesses various services with event consultation, organisation and promotion. From the inception of ideas, providing knowledge of resources, timelines and the practicalities of running an event or assisting you to actually create a well-run event, Ruby Red would love to help.

Please get in touch to see where we can take your event.


Groundswell Music and Arts Festival

Groundswell was born out of the desire to raise funds for a charity curing cataract blindness in developing countries. It was a multi-staged event including main stage, acoustic stage, electronic and hip hop rooms. It featured markets, café, and an art exhibition.

Drawing up to 5000 people each year Ruby Red ran the festival for 8 years.

Event Guide

Ruby Red Industries current Event Guide was created in 2010 for the region of Toowoomba. Ruby also managed a well received Brisbane Event Guide over a number of years while living there.

Creative Arts Festival

Ruby Red co-ran a Brisbane arts festival that ran over three months show casing various artistic practices.

High Tea To See

High Tea to See was also a fund raiser event created to raise much needed funds for a charity to perform cataract operations. The original event was run in Brisbane followed up by another High Tea in Toowoomba