A collection of industries :

Vintage Store, Photography, Events & Promotions and Styling

What does Ruby do?


Being a collector, Ruby Red is drawn into the art and practice of capturing and collecting moments through photography. Ruby offers a range photographic services and packages for individuals, small businesses, artists and musicians. You can also purchase photographic prints and see her work at various exhibitions.

Vintage Store

Ruby has many loves, one of her greatest is Vintage fashion and design. Jump into the online store where you can explore a range of vintage fashion, home wares, collectables and furniture. The store is a treasure trove of all things vintage, retro, quirky, rare, classic and collectable. It’s the realisation and beginning of a bigger dream she had for a number of years.

You can find her collection of retro and vintage wares here on the online shop as well as at Ruby Red Industries Suitcase Rummages and other markets.

Events and Promotions

Ruby thrives on live music, art exhibitions, independent theatre and any quality events involving experiences shared with good people.

Ruby Red offers individuals, groups and businesses various services with event consultation, organisation and promotion. From the inception of ideas, providing knowledge of resources, timelines and the practicalities of running an event or helping you to actually create a well-run event, Ruby Red would love to help. Please get in touch to see where we can take your event.


Ruby Red has a fine eye for detail and a major crush on colour, tones, texture and shape. All of these she uses to create beautiful spaces.

Ruby Red Industries offers a range of styling services including event, home interiors, shop fronts to fashion and model styling for photographic shoots and fashion parades.

Who is Ruby Red

Ruby Red grew up in Brisbane with a passion for things of unique beauty. Things that the general consensus may discard as worthless, used up or of no value. People, music, art and the written word are what stretch and expand her soul. She relocated to Toowoomba, her new home on the hill in 2009. This place thrives with an eclectic mix of creatives, which makes for a beautifully diverse community of likeminded people.